The Coaches

Chris Lin (Head Coach)

Chris coached at Vic Park when The Club re-formed in 2007.  Some of our older swimmers remember Chris from when they were juniors and are excited he has returned.  He was going for Silver accreditation at the time.

Chris is an ex-Commonwealth and Olympic swimmer, representing Mauritius, and describes his coaching style as firm but fair, strongly motivational and advocating integrity.  His focus will be on fitness and health for our swimmers along with developing technique and training schedules as is appropriate to the swimmers’ age and ability.  Chris has spent the last few years working with young adults and teenagers.

Chris is currently a Bronze ASCTA qualified coach and holds many qualifications outside of swimming including a Certificate IV in Disability, Certificate III in Correctional Practice. He also has a certification in Warm Up, Cool Down, Stretching & Recovery from Sports Medicine Australia.

"My vision as a coach is to create a holistic/inclusive environment which would help every swimmer to develop his/her potential whilst also feeling valued as an individual.  Creating champions in and out of the pool."





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