Squad & Training Information


Penguin Squad ($50 per month)*


Penguins transition swimmers 7 years and younger into squad swimming (minimum swimming level 6). They join SWA as Junior Dolphins which gives them access to fun entry level swimming competitions.  2 x 45 minute sessions are scheduled each week. Each Penguin gets a special surprise when they join.

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Intro Squad ($60 per month or $10 per casual session)*

Intro squad is designed to introduce swimmers into the more technical aspects of squad swimming as well as still working on strokes and technique.  8-year-olds and over have access to rookie meets and other fun events, including our Club Nights.

Children learn skills such as swimming in lanes, refine work on their freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke techniques while developing the vital quality of endurance. They are also introduced to butterfly, race dives, freestyle turns, basic breaststroke turns, use of the pacing clock and the training "rules of the pool", understanding swim sets and etiquette of squad training.

Intro squad swimmers must be able to swim 50m freestyle (with flippers if required). Each swimmer will be assessed on their first tryout. 

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Intermediate Squad ($70 per month or $10 per casual session)*

For entry to the VPSC Intermediate squad, swimmers are expected to be competent in freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke. Swimmers must be able to swim nonstop 400m Freestyle (including turns) and 100m Individual Medley demonstrating good technique. The main focus of the intermediate squad is to develop endurance and speed and facilitates the introduction of more advanced skills such as medley turns and bent arm backstroke. At this level, swimmers are encouraged to attend a minimum of 3 sessions per week to build skill development and progression, and to compete at various inter-club and targeted club competitions which are set by the coaching staff each season. Intermediate squad members will have access to dryland training.


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Motivation Squad ($80 per month or $12 per casual session)*

This squad caters for older swimmers who enjoy swimming for fitness or low-level competition but may not have the time or desire to commit to the intensity of the State Team squad. It is highly suitable for those wishing to supplement other sporting commitments with swimming. Swimmers must be over 12 years and be able to train without frequent intervention. Swimmers can attend up to a maximum of 3 sessions per week. Competing in swim meets is not required for this squad except for club nights and club competitions (Vic Park carnival, club championship day and club pennants). Motivation squad members will have some access to dryland training.

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State Squad ($90 per month)*

For entry to the VPSC State Team squad, swimmers are training with the idea of taking swimming to the next level and to aim for competing at WA State Swimming Championships level or higher. Swimmers are expected to be competent in all four strokes including the appropriate turns and starts. At this level, we stress technique consolidation, fitness development, goal setting and improving race skills. Swimmers are expected to attend at least 4 - 6 sessions per week to maximize skill and potential, and participate in various inter-club and targeted club competitions throughout the season. State squad members will have access to dryland training including gym work and group sessions.

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Please note the following:

The final allocation of session times/days for swimmers will be after consultation with the coach(es). New VPSC swimmers will need to be assessed to determine ability level.  Those wishing to take up the casual rate must notify the club prior to commencement so you are billed appropriately.

Saturday and Friday am sessions may be cancelled when targeted meets and club activities are scheduled. Families will be advised via email and the Facebook group.  It is expected that all swimming members participate in the annual Victoria Park carnival and SWA Club Premierships.

Minimum level for the squad is Department of Education Level 5 or equivalent (see here), the coach will assess each swimmer based on the following criteria:

• Age and physiological development of swimmer

• Technical ability of swimmer

• Swimmer’s ability to cope with required volume and intensity of training


Equipment Required

Intro and Intermediate Squad require the following:

Motivational and State Squad require the above plus:

 *Discounts apply for 2 or more children from the same family. The fees do not include pool entry. The fees for pool entry are located on the Towns Website COMMUNITY › LEISURE CENTRES › FEES AND CHARGES



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