Membership Terms & Conditions/Code of Conduct

Adopted: August 2015


By accepting these terms and conditions you are agreeing to:

  1. Pay all membership and monthly coaching fees as specified by VICTORIA PARK CARLISLE SOUTHERN AQUATIC SWIMMING CLUB INC (“The Club”). If any Fee is in arrears by more than two months per member or more than $250 per family, The Club will suspend the membership until such arrears are paid, unless notice is given in writing to the registrar/treasurer with valid reasons for the non-attendance of training. All rights pertaining to membership will also be forfeited until payment in full is received.
  2. Abide by all rules, regulations and policies of Swimming WA and Swimming Australia including Swimming Australia’s Anti-Doping, Member Protection and Privacy Policies (available at
  3. Abide by The Club Constitution (available on Club website
  4. Behave at all Club events in a manner which does not denigrate The Club or the sport of Swimming in any way.  This includes but is not limited to training, swim meets, social events, Club trips and General Meetings.
  5. Treat fellow Club members, parents, volunteers, visitors, officials or members of the public with respect. The use of bad language, ridiculing, threatening both verbal and physical, manhandling, berating or any type of aggressive behaviour will not be tolerated. The Club has a zero tolerance to, including but not limited to bullying, discrimination (as per the WA EEO Act 1984), abuse, victimisation or harassment. Where a member becomes aware of, or witnesses such incident/s, in relation to the above and that member is in the opinion of The Club obstructing, failing to report or has withheld information pertinent to the investigation of the incident then The Club will consider this as a form of silent approval.
  6. Responsible use of social media including but not limited to email communications when commenting on The Club or its members.  In particular, any form of cyber bullying is considered unacceptable. Where the member is, in the opinion of the Club, in breach of this social media and anti-bullying policy then The Club may, in its absolute discretion, and notwithstanding anything in the constitution, immediately expel any such member from The Club with written notice of such action being given to the member.
  7. Being a member that I train or agree to my child/ren who are members of The Club to train exclusively with the coach who is under agreement with The Club to provide coaching services, unless written approval by The Club is provided.
  8. Swimmers wearing Club uniform and caps at all swimming meets where they are representing The Club.
  9. Providing proof of completion of PBTR - HARASSMENT AND DISCRIMINATION and PBTR - CHILD PROTECTION courses if the applicant is 17 years or older. These courses are available from the Australian Sports Commission Website. Life Members do not need to complete these courses unless they have children swimming with The Club or are a committee member or Club official.
  10. Promoting the Club positively, this includes, whenever practicable, recommending The Club to family and friends by re-sharing and “liking” The Clubs social media channels. These channels are shown on The Clubs’ Web Site.

The Club

  1. Will not process any application form that is incomplete and/or does not include the required subscription fees
  2. Reserves the right to not accept any application form or membership in its absolute discretion.
  3. Reserves the right to suspend, expel or cancel a membership without notice or justification and without refund to any member that breaches these terms and conditions or, in the opinion of The Club's committee, is guilty of conduct unbecoming of a member or prejudicial to the interests of The Club or the sport of swimming.

The Club may from time to time where necessary vary the terms and conditions of The Club Membership. The Club will communicate any change to its Membership Terms and Conditions via The Club website. Members will have no claim against The Club by reason of any change made to its membership terms and conditions. Where The Club becomes aware of any such breach to any of the above Terms and Conditions, prior to or after this agreement being entered into then the Club in its absolute discretion may not accept the member or expel the member from The Club. Reference to The Club shall include both Officers of The Club and the Management committee.  The Management Committee shall have power on a resolution carried by simple majority to suspend or cancel membership of a member for any such breach of this agreement. A suspension of membership removes all rights pertaining to membership.

Membership application forms must be presented to The Club.  Your application will be processed within 60 days from date of receipt.  Forms can be posted to PO Box 1290 EAST VICTORIA PARK 6891 or emailed to  Please include your subscription fee or proof of payment and course completions (if applicable).


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